The Titanic sails at dawn

In “Desolation Row,” Bob Dylan sings:

The circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner
They’ve got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
The other is in his pants
And the riot squad they’re restless
They need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight
From Desolation Row.

And how’s this for a description of the reinvention convention?

Yes, I know them, they’re quite lame
I had to rearrange their faces
And give them all another name.

The song seems an apt commentary on the circus that just left Boston, and it comes to mind in connection with the Wall Street Journal’s article on blogger’s row at the circus: “The trip down talk show row.” The article features our friend Hugh Hewitt, pictured above on the scene with Dennis Prager in the background.


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