Coming soon: Best of Power Line

I noticed from our site counter software yesterday that a reader had come over to the site from one of my own favorite contributions to Power Line. I also noticed that the traffic to our site yesterday was about four times what it had been on weekends as recently as six months ago.
It occurred to me that our readership has changed and grown enough over the past year that it would be worth revisiting some of our past items that might be designated Power Line’s Greatest Hits, or Best of Power Line.
Given that we’re approaching the dog days of summer, I thought the timing might be propitious to run the “Best of” items as a series this month. To the extent that I do the selecting, the emphasis will be on our more offbeat items or items that display our idiosyncratic interests outside of politics.
In the case of Rocket Man, the “Best of” series will probably harvest an item or two deriving from his aesthetic appreciation of attractive women in bikinis, as well as a couple of his classic exposes. In the case of Deacon, I suspect that Everton and soccer will figure prominently. In my own case, the items will reflect my affection for American popular music.
Taking my cue from the recording industry, I’ll try to include a few “previously unreleased” items and “alternate mixes” as well. I’ll add comments or updates as appropriate. I’ll kick off the series later today, probably with the post that triggered the idea.


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