Technical Issues

For some days, our incoming email traffic has been declining drastically. Last night the Trunk got word from a reader that an email had bounced. I attributed this to the fact that, pack rats that we are, we hate to throw anything away. So we’ve had thousands of old emails clogging up our in box. I spent part of the morning getting rid of several thousands of them; our mail program is now much peppier, and the emails are flowing back in. If you’ve refrained from writing because your emails have been getting bounced, please resume. All is fixed, I think.
The second problem relates to the internet feed for our radio show. We heard second-hand that a lot of people had trouble with the feed; it would work for a while and then cut out. We didn’t get that feedback directly–presumably because of technical issue No. 1–but we’d be interested to hear from anyone who tried to listen on the internet. We’ll try ourselves during the week, as the show will be regularly re-streamed on the schedule we posted yesterday.
The internet stream worked great earlier in the day, which makes me think that any problems were caused by one of two problems: 1) we were broadcasting from a location remote from the studio; and 2) there may have been more people trying to access the feed during our show than during David’s and Dwight’s (sorry, guys). Anyway, any info we can get from those who tuned in may help to correct the problem before next week’s show–when, of course, we’ll be back in the studio.


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