One issue where Kerry can’t have it both ways

Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post asks what the phrase “acting unilaterally” means when John Kerry attacks the Bush administration on this count. Clearly, it doesn’t mean “going it alone,” since Bush has never done that. Nor does it mean acting without a clear U.N. mandate, since Kerry had no problem when Bill Clinton did this in Kosovo. Accordingly, Glick concludes that what “acting unilaterally” actually means to Kerry “is that the multilateral coalition Bush assembled in Iraq does not include France.”
Next, Glick asks, what does Kerry’s view of real multilateralism tell us about how he would deal with Israel? Based on her review of events in France, Glick fears the worst: “In the unrelenting emphasis Kerry places on a certain brand of ‘multilateralism,’ he is providing undue, unreasonable and unacceptable legitimacy to a country that does not wish Israel well. Kerry can choose to be a friend of France, or he can choose to be a friend of Israel. But this is one area where he can’t have it both ways.”
Via the wonderfully named Nudnik File.


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