Wishful Thinking

As I’ve noted before, it’s one of the most powerful forces in human events. This Associated Press headline is my nominee for Wishful Thought of the Day: “Kerry’s Wife Considered Key Campaign Asset.” If you read deep enough into the story–past the rave reveiws by Democratic feminists–you get to this:

A portion of the American public is still trying to figure out what to make of Heinz Kerry. About four in 10 view her favorably, three in 10 have an unfavorable opinion and 27 percent said they haven’t decided how they feel about her, according to CNN-USA Today-Gallup polling.
The number who hold an unfavorable opinion of Heinz Kerry has increased from 19 percent in early July to 31 percent in a recent survey. Two-thirds view first lady Laura Bush in a favorable light while 12 percent view her unfavorably.

So, the scorecard is:
Laura Bush — 67% favorable, 12% unfavorable.
Teresa Heinz Kerry — 40% favorable, 30% unfavorable–and rising.
So, according to the Associated Press, that makes Ms. Heinz Kerry a “key campaign asset.”


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