A purple heart for Jessica

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune features this page-one story by health care reporter Maura Lerner: “Back from Iraq one step at a time.” Lerner writes in detail, with great humanity, about the devastating brain injury suffered by Army Staff Sgt. Jessica Clements in Iraq, and her remarkable recovery-in-progress.
The Star Tribune restricts access to news articles after fourteen days, but this one is a keeper. I’m pasting it in below together with three of the photos that accompany the story. In the combined snapshots above Sgt. Clements (right) awaits her deployment to Iraq at Fort Campbell; at left, she reads a hometown newspaper in Iraq while waiting for a truck to refuel. In the photo below she is depicted on her way to occupational therapy in a darkened hallway at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. The third photo is at the conclusion of this post.
Please do read the whole thing and keep this gallant young lady in your prayers.

She could feel pain, barely dulled by morphine, throughout her left hip and backside. Her head throbbed. She could hardly move.
Chances are, she didn


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