Flip-flopping on Israel

I don’t know whether Al Sharpton’s place of honor with John Kerry has focused attention on the Democratic Party’s anti-semitism problem (as discussed below earlier today), but John Kerry’s Israel problem seems to be gaining some attention, though not nearly as much as it should. Suzanne Fields contends that a growing number of Jews doubt that “a President Kerry could withstand the pressures from the left-wing radicals of his party, no matter how hard they bit their tongues in Boston. These lefties are hostile to Israel, and cultivate strong links to anti-American partisans in Europe, especially in France and Britain.” Indeed, there is reason to think that Kerry may be one of those “lefties.” As Fields shows, Kerry has flip-flopped on such issues as the security fence, using Jimmy Carter (JIMMY CARTER) to help negotiate peace in the region, and even whether Yasser Arafat is a “role model.”
Fields notes that “Republicans count on Jews in America to spot the Kerry weakness as it affects Jewish and Israeli interests.” And the poll numbers she cites show that many have noticed. In January 31 percent of Jewish voters polled said they would vote for Bush. That’s up from about 19 percent last time, but still disappointing. With Kerry nominated, perhaps Bush’s number will increase, if word of his “softness” on this issue continues to spread.


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