More Of Their Celebrities, and Ours

There was a lot of reader response to our recent post on dumb-ass liberal celebrities and the much smaller number of conservative celebrities who, however, make up in quality what they lack in quantity.
Today’s email brought news of another liberal celebrity whom, from now on, I will boycott: the actor Will Smith. David Kaspar’s Davids Medienkritik blows the whistle:

In an interview posted today on the website of a major Frankfurt newspaper under the title “George W. Bush Lied to Me,” star actor Will Smith had some interesting things to say about the USA, President George W. Bush, Michael Moore and the September 11 terror attacks among other things.
When asked if 9/11 had changed anything for him personally, Smith answered:
“No. Absolutely not. When you grow up black in America you have a completely different view of the world than white Americans. We blacks live with a constant feeling of unease. And whether you are wounded in an attack by a racist cop or in a terrorist attack, I


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