Comedy tonight

What film loop do you suppose John Kerry has running in his cranium? Many think it might be “Apocalypse Now,” with Kerry as Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) piloting the boat up the river on a secret mission to assassinate Colonel Kurtz in Cambodia. Reader James Phillips, for example, writes:

Does he think he was the skipper of that boat taking Martin Sheen to Colonel Kurtz? Could he really be delusional enough to have this movie “seared” into his mind as his own personal history? The horror…the horror.

The parallels are striking, but if you shift the focus slightly to Kerry’s mythical CIA friend — the guy who gave him his now-mildewy favorite hat — another film loop might be tripped. I wonder if “Harvey” might not be the better fit, with Kerry as Elwood Dowd (James Stewart). Kerry seems to be lacking in real friends and, like Dowd, probably has a need for an imaginary friend. In Kerry’s case, however, unlike Dowd’s, it’s hard to imagine his imaginary friend reciprocating his affection.
UPDATE: Reader Dan Aronstein’s creative juices are flowing overtime tonight. Aronstein writes:

I think this might be a great premise for a new version of “Liar Liar” about a trial lawyer who gets cursed one day and finds he can no longer lie (Jim Carrey). The new version? It happens to a politician, and it’s based on Kerry!
ALSO: I have long maintained that Kerry reminds me MOST of the actor who played the Mayor in “His Gal Friday”: Clarence Kolb. The Mayor was a prissy two-faced pompous liar — just like Kerry!


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