John Kerry’s excellent adventure

The story of John Kerry’s excellent adventure with the secret agent man in Cambodia is verging on a breakout to the mainstream news media. In today’s New York Daily News Zev Chafets provides an introduction for newcomers to the story: “Kerry’s Cambodian question.” My guess is that the mainstream media will avoid the story until John Kerry has announced his line on it. Until that time, they’re clueless and speechless. (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)
HINDROCKET adds: On Hugh Hewitt’s show last night, Steve Gardner, who served on Kerry’s Swift Boat from November 1968 through January 1969, exposed John (pocketa, pocketa, pocketa) Kerry as a fantasist of Mittyesque stature. Gardner was on Kerry’s boat, and the boat never went near Cambodia. Nor did it transport CIA agents; nor did such a CIA agent give Kerry a hat. Hugh has the transcript.
As for the burning question of the moment–will the major media cover this story or bury it?–I think the answer is, neither. In a day or two we’ll see small, discreet stories that say there is a “controversy” about Kerry’s Cambodian adventure. The stories will be even-handed, giving equal time to Kerry’s irrelevant slanders of the Vietnam vets, and they will mention that there was a similar “controversy” about President Bush’s National Guard service. That will be it. Kerry’s excellent adventure will disappear from the news, never to be mentioned again in the mainstream media.


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