The fallback position can’t stand

In “Stranger than fiction,” Deacon articulates the grounds for skepticism concerning John Kerry’s fallback position on his bogus Cambodian mission. Let me add a few more.
First, don’t forget the imaginary secret agent man who gave Kerry his favorite hat — the one he’s been carrying around for years in the secret compartment of his leather valise. That’s the story he told Washington Post reporter Laura Blumenfeld for her June 1, 2003 profile of him, and for which she fell hook, line and sinker.
Blumenfeld took the story as the key to understanding Kerry’s candidacy. Well, she might have been right, although not in the way she thought.
Second, the Boston Globe has published part of Kerry’s highly detailed Vietnam journal. The excerpt of the journal published by the Boston Globe last year itself showed that Kerry had spent Christmas 1968 in Sa Dec rather than on a secret mission to Cambodia. Do you suppose some enterprising journalist might now ask to have a look at the whole journal?
Third, Kerry’s authorized hagiographer is Douglas Brinkley. Brinkley’s Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War covers Kerry’s Vietnam service in greater detail than any other source.
The book contains a total of 38 references to Cambodia (click here for the list.) A quick look at the book’s references persuades me that the book provides no support for the fallback position. Do you suppose some enterprising journalist might take a look for himself and give Douglas Brinkley a call?


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