A Tough Day for Gays

Earlier today, the California Supreme Court nullified the several thousand gay “marriages” that were performed by San Francisco officials in open defiance of state law. The result was a foregone conclusion, I think. Nevertheless, the wedding spree may have incalculable long-term consequences. It made gay marriage thinkable, and changed the terms of the debate.
And New Jersey’s Governor James McGreevey announced his resignation today, disclosing that he had an adulterous homosexual relationship. I don’t know how specific McGreevey got in his speech, but apparently he was referring to Golan Cipel, a former aide who apparently is about to file a sexual harassment claim against the Governor. The relationship was long-rumored but never publicly reported on.
Many commentators are making the facile point that McGreevey wouldn’t have had to resign had his paramour been a woman, like, say, Monica, and casting him as a victim of intolerance and injustice. Spare me. The saddest part of this story, which can only be tragic for McGreevey and his family, is that he has a one-year-old child. Today, McGreevey announced, “My truth is that I am a gay American.” When, exactly, did he figure that out?


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