Barbarians in the citadel

Rocket Man will not be happy to learn of a group whose existence we had been blissfully unaware of: Music Row Democrats. Nevertheless, there it is in this report by Rocket Man’s favorite wire service: “Gore criticizes Bush’s CIA director pick.” Rocket Man will be even less happy to learn that Hal Ketchum is a member, although he may well have already deduced it from knowledge of Ketchum’s songbook. Fortunately, Ketchum is not quoted endorsing or opposing any candidate for president.
The bad news for fans of Porter Goss is that Gore’s opposition to him was not full-throated. According to the AP, despite Gore’s remarks criticizing Goss, “[t]he Tennessee Democrat said he knows Goss personally, likes him and thinks he’s a capable person.” I thought Gore’s opposition presaged an easy confirmation for Goss until I read that. Now I have to rate his chances even money.
HINDROCKET adds: Actually, I did see the reference to Ketchum attending the Dem rally. His albums Past the Point of Rescue and, especially, Sure Love are classics. He hasn’t done anything good since. Maybe that’s when he changed parties. I’ll still listen to his old stuff.


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