A Day In South Dakota

Long-time readers probably remember that I grew up in South Dakota, and return often, as my parents and older brother still live there. Today, however, was something different, as the South Dakota Blog Alliance invited me to deliver a keynote address at their meeting in Sioux Falls.
It was a fun event. Jon Lauck of Daschle v. Thune organized it. Jason van Beek of South Dakota Politics was there, along with Jay Reding, Sibby, Ryne McClaren, and others.
There were some liberals, too, which made for an interesting give and take. The program, I thought, was very good. Jon and Jason were very restrained in their criticisms of the liberal media. I was, perhaps, a bit more aggressive.
Unfortunately, I was coming off a sleepless night after a week of business travel in Milwaukee. So I was perhaps a little less combative than normal. Still, when our lefty commentator jumped into the fray, I was awake enough to respond.
On the whole, it was a fun event. Good night for now; we’ll have more on the event later.


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