An update from Rabbi Ginsburg

Last week we ran “Days of awe” in our “Best of PL” series. “Days of awe” is the moving account by our friend Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg of his meeting this past September with President Bush. Today Rabbi Ginsburg writes to provide an update:

Thanks for running that great piece you did on the rabbis’ visit with President Bush last September. It was a great experience being with him the day after Rosh Hashanah last year and hearing him talk from his heart about his supprt for Israel and his concern about anti-Semitism. I know none of that has changed in the year. I just recieved a nice piece from the White House entitled “George W. Bush: A friend of the Jewish Community.”
I wanted to mention one additional item relating to the president and Jews. Senators Rudy Boschwitz and Norm Coleman recently cohosted a fundraiser for Sen. Arlen Specter at the Minneapolis Club . There were several Jews there but mostly there were leading non-Jewish citizens of Minnesota. These three Jewish Republican senators easily rank among the most pro-Israel Senators ever to serve in the US Senate.They were meeting in a city once well known for its anti-Semitism. I was so moved just being there and listening to them talk about the President’s, and the their, unwavering support for Israel, concern about world-wide anti-Semitism, and especially Arab terrorism and strategic threats of Iran and others.
Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg
(soon-to-be of) Skokie, Ill.

Click here for the Haaretz account of President Bush’s message to the American Jewish community referred to by Rabbi Ginsburg.


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