In the case of Senator Mitty

Please don’t miss our column in this morning’s Star Tribune — you know, the one with the live link to Power Line — on John Kerry’s Willard envy: “Unwrapping Kerry’s story of Christmas in Cambodia.”
Coincidentally, Tony Blankley’s weekly column emphasizes the Kurtz chronicles aspect of Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia tall tale: “The Cambodian Candidate.” Blankley concludes: “I love the smell of political lies in the morning…The smell, you know…smells like…defeat.” Don’t miss it!
Thanks to the many eminent blogs that linked to our Star Tribune column last night, including our guru Hugh Hewitt, Kevin Aylward’s Wizbang, the self-titled Ed Driscoll, the Hayek Center’s Prestopundit, and Hold the Mayo.
A special thanks to Jamie Glazov and the crew at Frontpage, who have posted the column in the site’s Warblog section this morning. Don’t miss Jamie’s own interiview with Swift Boat Veteran for Truth Scott Swett:“The war hero that wasn’t.”
Drudge has posted a link to the Boston Globe story carrying the Kerry campaign’s avowal of Kerry’s veracity on the Christmas in Cambodia story: “Kerry disputes allegations on Cambodia.” The article contains damning quotes from Kerry’s own approved band of brothers.
When Kranish originally reported Kerry’s tale of Christmas in Cambodia (in last year’s “Heroism, and growing concern about war”), the Globe also published an interesting excerpt from Kerry’s Vietnam war journal covering Christmas in Sa Dec. Below is a map sent to us last week by reader Steve Weston showing the location of Sa Dec.
What did we do before God invented the blogosphere?
UPDATE: And thanks to our Northern Alliance colleague Captain Ed for his post “Straight into the heart of darkness.” Check in with Ed later today for his report on President Bush’s visit to St. Paul this afternoon.
HINDROCKET adds: Ed also has an extremely interesting analysis of Kerry’s Vietnam journal, which appears to show that Kerry’s first Purple Heart couldn’t have been the result of enemy fire, by Kerry’s own admission.
I was also struck by these observations by one of Ed’s commenters; he is talking about Kerry’s false claim that he was commanding PCF-94 on January 29, 1969, thereby claiming credit for an engagement in which the boat was actually commanded by Lt. Ted Peck. This false claim was only recently deleted from Kerry’s web site, after Lt. Peck complained. Ed’s commenter writes:

One thing that I find particularly offensive about Kerry, and I’m ashamed as an ex-officer to admit I only realized it last night: in the heroic action he arrogated to himself, the one in which Peck and Alston were wounded, the boat was actually saved by the actions of an enlisted man who took the helm and steered the boat out of the ambush.
Let’s be very clear about this. John Forbes Kerry, a commissioned officer in the United States Navy who wants to be commander-in-chief, stole the credit for the heroism of an enlisted man.
That is lower than whale s***. The man should not be in public office, much less the White House.


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