Can’t Any of these Guys Tell the Truth?

Glenn Reynolds did some research over the lunch hour, and found that Senator Tom Harkin, who called Dick Cheney a “coward” because he didn’t serve in Vietnam, has a history of lying about his own military service. The Prof. found this summary of the lies Harkin told when he was running for President in 1992:
Glenn writes:

I managed to do this research over my lunch hour, but it doesn’t seem to be noted in the press treatment of Harkin’s charges by the people who get, you know, paid to do this stuff…And it would seem that when Harkin — who didn’t serve in Vietnam combat but who lied about it, and whose actual military service seems rather similar to Bush’s — calls Dick Cheney a “coward” because he didn’t serve in Vietnam, well, it ought to be worth mentioning. Shouldn’t it be?
Instead, CNN calls Harkin a “former Navy fighter pilot,” (though it at least gets the details of his service correct).
Calling Harkin “a Senator who, like President Bush, flew fighter jets during the Vietnam era without seeing combat but who, unlike President Bush, lied about it,” would be more accurate, but it would kind of change the story. Wonder why nobody looked into this? Or, if they knew, bothered to note it?

No wonder the Dems aren’t bothered by John (pocketa-pocketa-pocketa) Kerry’s lies about his military service.


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