W Visits St. Paul

President Bush was at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul today, capping off a day of campaigning in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has an AP dispatch that seems to have been written around the time President Bush took the stage. The only noteworthy fact is that Bush was introduced by Randy Kelly, the Democratic mayor of St. Paul who recently announced that he is supporting the President for re-election. I like the photo below of Kelly introducing Bush:
I couldn’t attend the rally tonight as I am stuck, once again, in Milwaukee. But if you want a first-hand account of the event, tune in on Captain Ed. He’s there, and has promised to post his impressions when he gets home.
BIG TRUNK adds: Reader Gayle DeMers reports:

My husband and I had the privilege of attending Pres. Bush’s rally today. I will leave it to Captain Ed to wax eloquently about the passion the crowd felt for the President and the profoundly genuine way President Bush projects himself. The whole event was an amazing experience.
However, Captain Ed may not comment on the contrast between the President’s bronzy tan face and arms (evident with his shirt sleeves rolled up and even
more pronounced in person than in your photo) and Kerry’s pasty, white skin(shown in your most recent “baggy biking shorts” photo). Bush’s whole carriage is effortlessly that of a “man’s man”, confident and sure enough of himself to actually be himself in front of the American people. Contrast that with “girlie man” Kerry, trying out his various rehearsed poses each day to convince us that he really is a strong and “outdoorsy” kind of guy. What a phony.
One other neat thing: background music included “Takin’ Care of Business” (Bachman Turner Overdrive, right?). I hope that becomes the theme song at the Republican Convention.