A Scrapbook Sequel

Yesterday we commented, rather generously, on a web site that was set up by an ex-girlfriend of John Kerry’s. She spoke fondly of Kerry and posted a variety of “memorabilia” on their relationship. While skeptical of the concept of ex-girlfriend memorabilia sites in general, I was impressed by her continuing devotion.
It turns out, however, that the ex’s motives were not entirely pure, and the outcome of her effort has not been what she had hoped. The BBC reports; its story is titled “Kerry ‘ex-flame’ in web backlash”:

A woman who claims to be an old flame of US presidential hopeful John Kerry says she plans to take down details of their relationship she put on the web. Lee Whitnum, an aspiring novelist writing under the surname Roystone, said she had received 500 hate e-mails from Democrats and Republicans.
She said she had hoped it might help her sell her novels, but realised it was an “experiment that did not work”.
She said she hoped it might help publicise her books ‘Hedge Fund Mistress’ – about a woman who has a relationship with a US state senator – and ‘What About the Dead?’
She said that despite 16,000 hits she had “absolutely zero book orders”.
“I was so sure that I’d sell some books, buy a house, not have to spend the next 20 years in a windowless cube… living paycheck-to-paycheck. Silly me,” she wrote.

I checked our link, and it appears that the Kerry scrapbook has been taken down. Sad. I guess the Kerry mojo might not be quite what it seemed. One thing I don’t understand, though, is why Ms. Whitnum would get hate emails from Democrats, given her flattering comments about Kerry. Have the Dems gone prudish, in addition to militaristic? I don’t get it.


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