The internal contradictions of Kerryism

Reader Mike Fox has forwarded us the link to the transcript of the appearance by Boston Globe columnist Thomas Oliphant on the News Hour with John O’Neill last night. Whereas Oliphant comes off as a pompous windbag on the order of his hero — Mike notes “Oliphant handled the situation like Kerry throws a baseball” — O’Neill is allowed to make a couple of the points that Michelle Malkin was thrown off Slimeball for touching on.
O’Neill notes toward the end of the segment that upon his return from Vietnam John Kerry stabbed his “band of brothers” in the back. That indisputable fact should in my view be the focus of attention. The disputes regarding Kerry’s service cannot be resolved fairly within the precincts of mainstream journalism. That is predictable. It is amazing to me, however, that no one has seriously sought to publicize the contrast between the “band of brothers” at the heart of Kerry’s campaign and Kerry’s homecoming efforts to besmirch them.


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