Thune / Daschle Race Tightens

Jon Lauck’s Daschle v. Thune notes that in the most recent polling, Tom Daschle now leads John Thune by only 48% to 45%. Equally interesting is that Thune’s favorable/unfavorable ratings — 60%/28% — are better than Daschle’s — 59%/35%. The poll’s margin of error is nearly 5%, so the race is officially a dead heat. This is after Daschle has spent millions on non-stop advertising, while Thune began his campaign only a few weeks ago.
Jon says:

Imagine what would happen if Daschle actually practiced democracy and engaged Thune in all thedebates that South Dakota organizations have requested and imagine if the dominant newspaper in the state, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, actually published all the items that are reported nationally that aren’t helpful to Daschle.

Thune has a very realistic chance to win this race. Go to his site and give him money. He can’t outspend Daschle, but if he gets his message out, he can beat him.
Also, you can view Thune’s latest TV ad, which is excellent, here.


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