Waiting for Boydot

HINDROCKET adds: I hate to tarnish one of the funniest posts in the history of the blogosphere with explanatory material, but our mailbox suggests that not everyone gets the joke. We have challenged Jim Boyd, the Minneapolis Star Tribune editor who slandered us over the weekend, to debate us on the Christmas in Cambodia controversy on our radio show on Saturday. We will be broadcasting live from the State Fair, so Boyd would have an opportunity to make his pro-Kerry case before a large live audience, a radio audience of many thousands more, and a worldwide audience listening in on our internet stream. Who would pass up such a golden opportunity to make his case? Well, I suppose a coward might.
Yesterday afternoon, one of the first Power Line readers who emailed Boyd at his Strib office got a reply. Boyd wrote: “Bring it on!” Original, right? We naturally assumed that “Bring it on” meant Boyd had the guts to meet us face to face in a fair debate, rather than smearing us in a hit-and-run attack on the pages of his own newspaper.
No such luck. After that initial show of bravado, the cowardly lion has gone to ground. We’ve gotten no response to our challenge from Mr. Boyd, at [email protected] So we’re still Waiting for Boydot.


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