We’re his (blog) daddy

Wally at Irreconcilable Musings has a thoughtful post making “A suggestion for RNC bloggers.” In his email message alerting us to the post, Wally writes;

I’m of the opinion that the protest organizers are looking to recreate Chicago ’68, and then some. I also suspect that the mainstream media’s coverage of the protests seek to 1) take coverage away from the RNC proceedings, and 2) filter the protest images so as to soften their violent, anarchic reality. (There is a choice quote from the Strib’s Dane Smith in an Editor and Publisher article I link to on this subject.) This makes the blogging coverage even more critical, so both these issues can be countered properly.

HINDROCKET adds: In 1968, I thought it was terrible that protesters were getting beaten up. This year, I’ll probably join in if I get the opportunity.
More constructively, perhaps, I’ll have my digital camera with me, so if the whole world is watching, they can see on Power Line what the protesters are really up to.
We’ll know the protest story has reached the ultimate limit of absurdity when reporters seek out the retired Walter Cronkite and ask his opinion. I’m sure Walter will be happy to oblige.
In one sense, though, I still don’t get it. Does the left really want this election to be a referendum on who wants to go back to 1968? Seems like an unusually poor idea.


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