Epistemologically speaking

The unapologetic Christian apologist who is the proprietor of Double Toothpicks has a wonderful recap and consideration of the isssues raised by the cowardly lion of Portland Avenue: “Strib’s Boyd has the epistemological blues.”
The Atomizer of Fraters Libertas has also taken a break from his wedding planning to do a little research on Boydot. Atomizer has come up with an interesting message from Boydot decrying personal attacks on the Star Tribune editors: “The Sound of Silence.”
Yesterday I sought to poke fun at Boydot’s hermeneutics, epistemology, and judgment, in addition to my daily dig at his character. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura — the politician who used to come flying in off the top turnbuckle — made it a practice to refer somewhat redundantly to folks like Boyd as “gutless cowards.” I must say I’m acquiring new resepct for Jesse’s insight.
But in the message Atomizer has dug up Boydot articulates exactly the revulsion I feel against the tack he took against Rocket Man and me in his vicious column of this past Sunday:

I’m not talking disagreement, which is a given in the business we’re in; I’m talking outright attacks on our integrity, our intelligence, our professionalism. It’s wearing, and that, it seems to me, is its goal: To intimidate into submission — or at least into submissive silence.

Hey, Jim, I know what you meant, I guess.
Finally, reader Joseph Farmer writes us regarding “Jim Boyd and his secret”:

More google searching would find you this link. Check out Wyatt B. Kirby’s bio:

“Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Officer in the Army Field Activities Command with assignments in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Washington, DC. During 1970-1972, he was Chief of Operations, G3, 525th Military Intelligence Group, supervising HUMINT collection in the Republic of Viet Nam.”

I’d bet Mr Kirby could provide some interesting information on the “Field Activities Command.”
Boyd is a putz.
But I can do even better. The commander of the Field Activities Command was Col Alfred W. Bagot. (If the link doesn’t work, here’s the URL: usaic.hua.army.mil/History/PDFS/whoswho.pdf). Google rocks.

“Boyd is a putz. Google rocks.” Epistemologically speaking, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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