Waiting for Boydot, day 4

HINDROCKET adds: Reader Todd Tidgewell came up with this rather astonishing connection between Bert Lahr, the cowardly lion in the photo above, and Godot, the non-existent character whom we can wait for, but who isn’t coming. Just like Jim Boyd isn’t coming to debate us on Saturday, since he is a coward. Todd writes:

I don’t know the origin of your “Boydot” nickname, but have assumed it was simply a play on “Waiting for Godot.” Your “Cowardly Lion” picture, however, reminded me of something from college English class and a quick google search confirmed the connection …
May 1956 – the American premiere of “Waiting for Godot” features a stellar cast consisting of Bert Lahr, E. G. Marshall, Kurt Kasznar and Alvin Epstein at the John Golden Theatre in New York. Bert Lahr, of course being the Cowardly Lion. Maybe this connection was made a long time ago. I couldn’t sleep tonight, however, without pointing it out. Keep up the good work,

We’d like to pretend, Todd, that we knew about the Cowardly Lion/Godot connection all along, but in fact, it’s just another cosmic coincidence. Pretty cool, though.


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