The Vets Strike Again

The latest Swift Boat Vets ad is out, and it’s a killer. Stephen Gardner points out that he served on John Kerry’s boat longer than anyone else, and says that Kerry’s claim to have spent Christmas 1968 in Cambodia is a lie. Gardner says the crew was never in Cambodia on a secret mission–not in December, not in January, never. You can see the ad here.
One of the most effective aspects off the Vets’ ads, I think, is the still photo of Kerry that they show at the end. It is truly creepy; Kerry looks like the villain in a Harry Potter Movie.
UPDATE: Meanwhile, Kerry was in Minnesota today, and he gave a speech in Anoka in which he said:

All the guys who were with me on my boat absolutely document what I’ve said… You’re now hearing about the lie. I am absolutely telling you the God’s honest truth with regard to what happened over there.

So Kerry continues to lie shamelessly, secure in the knowledge that the mainstream media are running interference for him. The only people who will know that Kerry’s claim to be supported by all of his crewmates is a lie are those who inhabit the blogosphere, and those who see the latest Vets’ ad. Contribute to the Swift Boat Vets for Truth here.


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