Good Chicken (as Opposed to, say, Chicken Boydot)

I’ve never met Glenn Reynolds, but I can tell that we have certain things in common. Like an appreciation of great dinners.
Mrs. Rocket, in addition to her other desirable qualities, is a sensational cook. So when she decided to make Glenn’s roasted (sort of) chicken recipe, I figured it must look pretty good.
Of course, great chefs never copy recipes slavishly. So Mrs. Rocket omitted the soy sauce, teriyaki and Worcester sauce, replacing them with fresh herbs from the garden, along with white wine (instead of red) and chicken stock. She reduced the cooking liquid in a saucepan and added more white wine and spices before serving. She also added carrots (to which, unlike the InstaWife, we are happily not allergic). Still, she swears that it’s essentially the same dish. And I can attest that it was fantastic. So, Glenn, here’s a proposal: you continue recipe blogging, and I’ll continue pageant blogging.


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