Meeting Professor Hewitt

Little Trunk and I met up with Hugh Hewitt at Keegan’s Pub in Minneapolis last night. Hugh is in town to broadcast his radio show from the Minnesota State Fair.
Little Trunk had never met Hugh before. But at a critical point in her life as a student controversialist, Hugh came to the defense of Little Trunk against the depredations of a professor who was bullying her in a remarkable manner.
Read the story in Hugh’s memorable Standard Online column “Tough guy.” See also Hugh’s follow-up column “Blacklist envy” and the linked exchange between Hugh and the professor. Little Trunk wanted to thank Hugh for his unforgotten chivalry toward her.
This afternoon Hugh will broadcast the second of two shows from the Fair. Tomorrow we think he’ll be joining us on our Northern Alliance Radio Network show (listen live at noon Central time tomorrow via the stream accessible by clicking on the NARN logo at the left). We’ll also be broadcasting live from the AM 1280 booth at the Fair. Join us if you can.
Tomorrow’s show is the one on which we’re waiting for Boydot to debate John Kerry’s Kurtz chronicles with us. Have we mentioned that Boydot has so far declined to respond to our invitation to debate the veracity of John Kerry’s Kurtz chronicles? Stay tuned for our fifth and final “Waiting for Boydot” update later today.
We’re pretty sure our chances of landing Hugh on the show are slightly better than landing Boydot. If Boydot is a no-show, we’ll hold an old-fashioned empty chair debate using Boydot’s forthcoming Sunday Star Tribune column that we will have by the time of the show.
Hugh has a typically high-spirited late-night report on the festivities at Keegan’s. Suffice it to say that he’s one of the finest gentlemen we have ever met.


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