Happy Days are Here Again

Finally, the convention staff has our internet connections up and running. I’ve felt like a fish out of water, being cut off from the internet. On the other hand, nothing significant has been happening, so it’s not as if I would have had anything to report anyway. The action won’t really start until tonight, when McCain and Giuliani speak.
In the meantime, for the curious, here is what Bloggers’ Corner looks like:
Former Mayor Koch came around and entertained us for a while. He is a delightful guy, and makes great sense when he talks about why he is supporting President Bush. Unfortunately, very few New Yorkers seem to be following his lead. Here is Hizzoner:
Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics and I went looking for the convention floor. This turned out to be more of an expedition than I thought, partly because the security people we approached seemed to think it was a novel request to find a spot from which the floor can be seen. We got there eventually, and here is what the convention floor looks like when the action is just getting underway:
And I hope they’re keeping a close eye on these guys.


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