The power of love

We may be witnessing two of the most emotional political conventions ever to take place in the same year. But the emotions in question are very different. The primary emotion at the Democratic convention was hatred, the hatred Democrats feel towards President Bush. The primary emotion at the Repubican convention, at least tonight, was love — love for our country, love for our fallen heroes, and love for freedom.
The emotions of the two conventions did converge briefly when John McCain called out the number one anti-Bush hate monger, the “disingenuous filmmaker” Michael Moore. For a few moments, the love turned to hate, but it was worth it. And what a brilliant stroke to direct the pent up anger of Republicans, who have seen their president vilified for the past two years, against an unlikeable gadfly rather than a true political opponent.
Twice in his speech McCain referred to the war on terrorism as, in part, a conflict between love and hate. The second time, McCain assured us that love is more powerful than hate. That’s the way it looked to me tonight.


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