Sean’s Smackdown

As I mentioned yesterday, Bloggers’ Corner is only about twenty feet from Sean Hannity’s booth. The action is fast and furious. A few minutes ago, Terry McAuliffe appeared on Sean’s show. They went at it pretty hard, arguing about Vietnam and the war on terror. McAuliffe was stumped when Hannity asked him whether Kerry was lying when he said he spent Christmas in Cambodia.
I posted a little footage of McAuliffe’s appearance, and of the impromptu press conference he gave immediately after, right in front of us, where he talked about the protests against the RNC. McAuliffe strikes me as an amiable rogue, much like his pal Bill Clinton. As Hannity was going into a commercial break, McAuliffe got in one last cheap shot: “How’s your Halliburton stock doing?” To which Sean replied, “Not bad. How’s Global Crossing doing?” I loved it.
The action is so fast that it’s hard to keep up with. We’ll be interviewing Tommy Franks in a little while; he will be “making an announcement” in a few minutes. Presumably he’s announcing that he supports President Bush for re-election.
Anyway, here is a very brief film of McAuliffe and Hannity.


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