Gen. Franks Endorses Bush

It’s official: General Tommy Franks just told the bloggers that he is endorsing President Bush for re-election. This was the first time, I think, that he made the announcement.
Franks sat down at a laptop to do a rather silly photo-op, impersonating a blogger. Our interview wasn’t supposed to come until after his upcoming appearance on Hannity’s show. But I couldn’t resist asking, “General, can we ask you a question?” That led to a great interview session. I’ll post video excerpts in a little while. In the meantime, I’d just note that Franks is an extremely impressive guy. If you assume that you have to be very smart to be put in charge of an invasion force of 150,000 troops, you’re right.
UPDATE: Here it is, one minutes’s worth of excerpts from the bloggers’ interview with General Franks. Don’t miss this one.


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