I don’t think we’ve commented yet on the abduction of two French journalists by Muslim extremists in Iraq. The extremists are demanding that France rescind its ban on the wearing of head-scarfs (as well as religious accessories worn by members of other religions) in public schools. In attempting to secure the release of the journalists, France has taken pains to point to its record of support for various Muslim and Arab groups and causes, such as the PLO. Indeed, they have enlisted Arafat to plead their case. And French foreign minister Michel Barnier has proclaimed that the “abduction is incomprehensible for all those who know that France, country of human rights, is a land of tolerance and respect of others.”
Is it possible, three years after 9/11, to remain this clueless? Apparently, France is still proceeding on the assumption that Islamofascist terrorism is doled out only to citizens of countries that don’t sufficiently respect Muslims and their causes. Thus, it is “incomprehensible” that a nation that thinks it has no guilt in this regard would experience terrorism.
Most Americans, and even most liberal Democrats, have figured out that this “why do they hate us” appproach is folly. Unfortunately, though, most liberal Democrats have not figured out that it is also folly to give a substantial say in how we combat global terrorism to countries as clueless as France.


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