Some Quick Thoughts

I was on the floor tonight, and spent some time with the Minnesota delegation. I shot some footage from the floor and from the press area where I watched the main speeches. Then I hurried back to where I’m staying, and, after another long, hot, sweaty day in New York, stopped in the bar for a beer–OK, two beers–before turning in. Tomorrow I’ll post more extensive comments, along with a short video of some of tonight’s highlights.
My grades of tonight’s speeches:
Rod Paige: B
Michael Steele: A-
But why is it that no one gets very excited about education? I’ll have some thoughts on this tomorrow.
Arnold: A
Just a great performance, and a perfect way to keep the “compassionate” theme of tonight’s show from turning hopelessly sappy with consequent low ratings.
The Bush twins: D
A big disappointment. Who wrote that script? Fire him.
Laura Bush: B
She is very popular and certainly didn’t do any harm, and having W. introduce her on video was a nice touch. But it was all too predictable to have much impact. On me, anyway.
More tomorrow.


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