Senator Simpson Speaks

We talked to former Senate Whip Alan Simpson a little while ago. He’s a funny, entertaining guy. But what I love about him is his combativeness. He enjoys the fight, and we Republicans need more of that.
Sen. Simpson agrees with my conviction that the Bush administration erred by not responding vigorously to the attacks that peppered the administration over the last year, i.e., Joe Wilson, Michael Moore, Richard Clarke and the whole rogues’ gallery. Simpson’s view is that an attack should never go unanswered.
Most interesting, though, was Sen. Simpson’s uncensored view of John Kerry’s Senate career:

It was a big goose egg. I never saw anything Kerry did in the Senate. What were his accomplishments? Nothing. Kerry isn’t an evil man, but he never did anything that I remember. I didn’t see any leadership. I think Kerry is basically a shy person, and they’ve got him into a role that is uncomfortable for him.

I suppose that helps explain why the Democrats thought it was a good idea to run on Kerry’s Vietnam record.


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