Sen. Allen’s Prediction

Here in Bloggers’ Corner, we’re in the eye of the hurricane. The media hurricane, anyway. Within thirty feet of where I’m sitting right now, Tim Russert is interviewing Trent Lott, and Sean Hannity is interviewing Newt Gingrich and Michael Reagan. Tim Russert just stopped by to chat, and Terry McAuliffe clapped me on the back and said, “How ya’ doing?”
And a few minutes ago, we talked with Sen. George Allen, who is heading up the Senate Republican campaign effort. Senator Allen has been traversing the country in support of Republican candidates, including several trips to South Dakota and one to Alaska. We pressed Allen for a prediction; he says he’s bet $100 on a field goal: a three-seat Republican pickup. He’s counting on John Thune, who holds a narrow lead over Tom Daschle in the latest poll, to be one of the three.
It’s interesting, though, that at this point not even the party’s Senate campaign chairman is echoing the early predictions of a five-seat gain.
DEACON adds: Senator Allen’s father, the late, great football coach George Allen, was always happy to win by a field goal. As a Redskins (and Sonny Jurgensen) fan, I always wanted more. This year, I’d settle for a field goal in the Senate.
ONE MORE THING: The nose and glasses in the upper right-hand corner belong to Captain Ed.


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