Eight O’Clock and All’s Well

A little while ago, Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics and I went looking for trouble. Or demonstrators, anyway. We walked around the Garden and down to Herald Square, which has been the location of several demonstrations. We saw a few protesters here and there, but always in groups of two or three. A lot of people, based on their tee-shirts, may have been looking for a demonstration to join, but I don’t think they found one. And the policemen, who are everywhere, made everyone keep walking.
Herald Square is where Chris Matthews is filming his show, and where someone tried to attack him or Christine Whitman last night. Tonight the security was tight, but we got onto the Square and watched for a few minutes. Laura Ingraham and Pat Buchanan were on the show, but everything was quiet.
It was a beautiful night for a walk, as the humidity of the last few days has left us, so our quest wasn’t entirely in vain.
The only somewhat clever signs we saw were this one and this one.


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