News flash, the Democrats cry foul

The Democrats are outraged about the way John Kerry was attacked at the Republican convention. They’re calling it the nastiest convention in memory. They probably forgot about the 1992 Democratic convention. Zell Miller was the keynote speaker at that one too.
There were seven prime time speeches in New York. Three of the speakers had little or nothing to say about John Kerry — McCain, Arnold, and Laura Bush, of course. Three criticized Kerry from time to time in the normal way — Rudy, Vice President Cheney, and President Bush. One speech exceeded the bounds of what is normally done these days. That was by the above-mentioned Democrat, Zell Miller. Does this make the convention vicious? Of course not.
The Democrats point out that they refrained from harsh criticism of the president. That’s not true; they simply refrained from using his name. To the extent they did that, and did not unleash the likes of Zell Miller, it was because they knew it wouldn’t play. It wouldn’t play because of the way they had been bashing Bush for months. The Democrats sensee the public was getting tired of it. John Kerry didn’t want to go the way of Howard Dean. President Bush didn’t have that problem, so the convention proceeded in the normal fashion except, again, for Zell Miller.


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