Dems Turn Violent

The Democrats protesting in New York were rude but, thankfully, not violent. (For that, we can thank the NYPD. When I find time I want to comment on them further.) Unfortunately, the campaign appears to have turned violent in West Virginia:

A shot apparently was fired at the Republican Party headquarters in downtown Huntington while President Bush’s speech accepting the GOP nomination for president was being televised.
No one was hurt in the 10:30 p.m. Thursday incident.
“We heard a pop. We realized it was a gunshot and we were kind of scared,” said Gayle Adkins, a volunteer of Huntington.
Others said they didn’t see anything except for some of the banners jumping as the bullet whizzed over their heads. Police could not locate where the bullet landed.
“It is pretty ridiculous someone would do this at a gathering that doesn’t hurt anybody,” said volunteer Amanda Beach of Huntington.
The shooting won’t intimidate them, many said. “It has made us want to work harder,” said Brendon Childers of Huntington.

I can’t help noting one small irony: this account in the Charleston newspaper says that “no one was hurt” in the shooting incident. But it also reports that “[a] piece of the broken glass nicked [volunteer Gayle] Adkins’ neck. That may not count as being hurt, but it was good enough for two of John Kerry’s purple hearts. Adkins didn’t fire the gun, either.


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