A Reminder From Russia

We haven’t said anything about the terrorist attack in Beslan, because we haven’t had anything useful to say. The crisis appears to be coming to an end; this Associated Press report contains the most current information I’ve seen. It is based in part on this account from Itar-Tass.
Apparently more than 150 people may be dead, with another 646 hospitalized. Of those injured, a Russian source says that “[t]he majority of patients have bullet wounds in the back.”
Some information about the terrorists is beginning to come out, and it appears that they were not all Chechans. Russian presidential adviser Aslambek Aslakhanov told reporters that the terrorist gang was “fully international.” And Valery Andreyev, the top Federal Security Service official in the region, said that the dead hostage-takers included “ten Arabs.” Another account indicated that “the attackers were believed to include Chechens, Ingush, Russians and a North Ossetian suspected of participating in the Ingushetia violence.”
It is hard to imagine that there are many Americans too dull-witted to understand that this kind of attack is in store for us unless we track terrorists down where they live and kill them first.


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