Friends and Allies

Before the holiday weekend is over, I will do a final post on last week’s convention and my role there as a credentialed blogger. I have some thoughts to process and some video to edit before my last post. But for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of the convention was the opportunity to get to know bloggers like Roger Simon, Kevin Aylward and Tom Bevan. These are great guys whom I am happy to consider friends.
Tonight, Roger Simon, a successful and famous novelist and screenwriter, relates how he was taken advantage of by Newsday, which excerpted words and phrases from Roger’s blog to make him sound like an adversary of President Bush and the Republican Party generally. In fact, Roger is a classic 9/11 Democrat and an enthusiastic supporter of President Bush, for the very good reason that he doesn’t want himself or his children to be blown up by terrorists. For Newsday to pluck a few phrases out of Roger’s thoughtful on-line observations to suggest otherwise is typical of the mainstream media’s willful unwillingness to recognize that, for many people, abortion and gay marriage are not the central political issues of our time.
Somewhat refreshingly, we are in an era of first principles. And there are many life-long liberals like Roger, whose stories of the civil rights movement of the 1960s are riveting, who are our allies in the fight against Islamofascist terror. It’s good to have Roger and many other 9/11 Democrats on our side, on the issues that count the most.


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