Just Wondering

John Kerry’s current mantra, when he talks about the Iraq war, is that it was “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.” This raises some obvious questions. Logically, Kerry seems to be suggesting that there is some other war in some other place that he would support–just not this one. (Put aside, for the moment, the fact that he actually voted for the Iraq war, and recently said that he would do it again, knowing what we now know–or think we know–about Iraq’s armaments.) Taking Kerry’s oft-repeated formula at face value, the obvious question is: what war, then, and in what place, would you support?
Is Kerry trying to suggest that he would advocate going to war with Iran? Or North Korea? Is there some other war that, in the event of a Kerry presidency, we should look forward to? If Iraq isn’t the “right war,” then what is?
Or is this just another meaningless turn of phrase, intended to avoid sounding like a weak pacifist?
Aren’t these obvious questions that you would expect reporters to be asking Kerry?
Inquiring minds want to know.


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