No good deed. . .

The Jerusalem Post recently asked Ariel Sharon to respond to those who say he supports the re-election of President Bush. Here is what Sharon said:
“First of all, I don’t interfere in elections. I never interfere in elections in other countries, and I hope that they will never interfere here either. I have no need to interfere and it is forbidden to interfere. It is no secret that the US is Israel’s devoted friend. There is a traditional friendship between the US and Israel. It is mutual. There is no doubt that President Bush is a friend of Israel. And I also think that our array of ties and strategic cooperation between the countries is at a level where it has never been before. With that, we do not interfere. And in my opinion, if John Kerry is elected, or if George Bush is elected, I am sure that the policy will be that which was established by President Bush.”
Will American Jews reward President Bush for taking the level of cooperation between U.S. and Israel to a new, all-time high level? Joel Mowbray thinks they might. He suggests that the percentage of Jews who vote for Bush might well increase from less than 20 percent in 2000 to perhaps 35 percent this time. Maybe. But let’s not forgot that many of my fellow American Jews can’t stand Ariel Sharon, and some are not all that crazy about Israel, either.


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