Ben Barnes: Another Hoax?

Actually, I’m sure that Ben Barnes’ claim of having interceded to place President Bush in the Texas Air National Guard as a favor to his family is a hoax. What I’m not sure about is whether this report is correct:

A woman alleging herself to be none other than Amy Barnes, daughter of fromer Lt Gov Ben Barnes called into a Texas radio program being hosted by well-known host Monica Crowley.
The woman, stating that her politics differed greatly from her Fathers, stated that he informed her months ago that he was going to “go public” with this story, known to be false. She claims that he has acknowledged the untruthfulness of this story to her over the years. She claims that there are two motivations for his doing this. One, to gain publicity for a book he is writing and, 2 the desperation of the Kerry campaign at this moment in time. Apparently Barnes offered to carry this tainted water if it appeared necessary in the general election to help secure a Kerry victory.
I cannot personally verify the woman’s identity, although Barnes does indeed have a daughter Amy. Also, WABC radio has replayed the phone-in interview twice tonight in drive time radio host Mark Levin’s program.