Midnight Media Report

At 6:00 tonight, a local television station interviewed me on Power Line’s role in the 60 Minutes forged document scandal. Then we took the night off, and went to a high school football game. When we got back home, I watched Fox News for a while, and saw a segment in which Tony Snow interviewed Stephen Hayes and a CBS executive who was formerly involved in 60 Minutes.
The Fox interview was mostly annoying, apart from the fact that Snow mentioned Power Line as the web site that drove the story. Hayes did OK, but took a very conservative line, saying that there were serious questions that CBS should address by making the documents available to independent experts. No mention of the General Staudt anachronism. The CBS guy, Jonathan Klein, was infuriating. He kept reciting 60 Minutes’ supposedly stellar record, and sneered at bloggers as a bunch of guys sitting around the living room in their pajamas who lack the wonderful “checks and balances” in place at 60 Minutes. Consequently, he never addressed any substantive questions. Moreover, he actually defended the show’s policy of not interviewing anyone believed to be a Republican or a Bush supporter in the “investigation” process leading up to the broadcast of the story. He explained that the refusal to speak to anyone suspected of Republicanism was a sign of careful journalism–this way, there was no danger that bias could enter into the story. Unbelievable.
Then we watched the Channel 5 evening news to see my interview. For better or worse, the news followed a football game that went into overtime, so presumably not many people saw it. Amazingly, however, the segment on Power Line was very good. Someone had edited the interview and accompanying material down to around two minutes, but it conveyed a lot of information and was entirely accurate. It showed a couple of nice Power Line screen shots, too.
Now, as soon as my oldest daughter calls me to give her and a few friends rides home from the post-football game dance, I can go to bed. It’s been a long week.
OOPS: As several readers have pointed out, it was Tony Snow, not Brit Hume. I never could tell those guys apart.


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