Jammies for Dan?

In this morning’s Washington Times Jennifer Harper briefly recaps the 60 Minutes forged documents story, prominently crediting Power Line for its role in bringing attention to the issues that have produced the meltdown: “CBS’ bomb turns blooper.”
And the meltdown continues. Elsewhere in the Washington Times Rowan Scarborough reports: “Question mount on Guard memos’ authenticity.” To the existing evidence of forgery Scarborough’s story adds the opinion of a certified documents examiner that the the signatures on the 60 Minutes memos are not Killian’s.
Today’s Los Angeles Times story recaps the story to date, barely mentioning the role played by the Internet in the 60 Minutes meltdown. We understand that the Times’s Peter Wallsten is working on a separate Internet-related story for tomorrow’s edition.
But today’s Times story today advances the analysis: “Amid skepticisim, CBS sticks to Bush Guard story.” The Times story reports the limited role played by the one expert that Rather has identified and suggests the existence of others who authenticated the documents:

As another of the corroborating experts for its report, CBS and Rather presented an on-air interview with Marcel B. Matley, a San Francisco document examiner. Rather said Matley had corroborated the four Killian memos.
But in an interview with The Times, the analyst said he had only judged a May 4, 1972, memo