Addressing the Address

A number of readers have pointed out seeming anomalies in this memo, ostensibly sent from the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, P.O. Box 34567, Houston, Texas 77034, and addressed to Lt. Bush at 5000 Longmont #8, Houston, Texas 77027:

Click to enlarge.
This email from a reader named John is typical of several we’ve gotten:

The Houston Guard was stationed at the Ellington AFB, which is in fact in area code 77034. However, Box 34567 (inventive, no?) Is only available in 77234. The 77234 Zip Code does however include an airfield — Houston Hobby Airport. Unless the lieutenant flew for Southwest, I think they goofed again.
Also, if you enhance the address for the lieutenant, you find 5000 Longmont #8. Houston and the 77027 Zip Code are easily viewable. Would it surprise anyone that the 5000 block of Longmont is in Zip Code 77057?

I haven’t tried to figure out whether our readers are right on these address issues, but they should be easily checkable. If one looks at actual correspondence produced by the 111th, are the P.O. box number and zip code the same? Did Lt. Bush live at the address given, and is the zip code correct? These are simple questions that any investigator could readily answer.
Of course, if the order to take a physical was sent to the wrong zip code, I suppose that could explain why he didn’t show up. Not that I think any of this happened.
UPDATE: Several readers have written to say that there has been a relignment of zip codes in Houston since the early 1970’s. Again, at this point, we don’t have any idea whether these address issues are significant or not. But an investigator–hired by, say, the Republican National Committee–could figure this out quickly.
FURTHER UPDATE: Reader Rich Coskey points out that the address given for the 111th is the same one that Lt. Bush used on his two written requests for transfer. I assume that whoever forged the documents took the addresses for Lt. Bush and the 111th from authentic records that have been made public, so I doubt that this will add anything to what we know about the authenticity of the forged memos. If I’m wrong here, I’m sure our readers will let us know.


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