Slow-Motion Train Wreck

We noted earlier that the Boston Globe cited Dr. Philip Bouffard as its prime source for the claim that the forged CBS documents were created on a typewriter, but that Dr. Bouffard has now complained that the Boston Globe misquoted him and that in fact, “There are all kinds of things that say that this is not a typewriter.”
Now, unbelievably, CBS News is relying on the Globe’s misquotation of Dr. Bouffard to shore up their own untenable claims of the documents’ authenticity! I guess I’m beyond being shocked by anything CBS News does, but they must have known that Bouffard has complained about the Globe’s misuse of his name.
This is, of course, a sign of CBS’s desperation, but it is revealing in this respect: CBS claims to have thoroughly investigated and validated the documents before they ran their story. Yet the key witness they relied on, Gen. Bobby Hodges, has said that he was lied to by CBS News and that in fact he thinks the documents are forgeries. Notwithstanding their supposed investigation, CBS is so hard up for ammunition to support their position that they have to repeat an already-exposed lie by the Globe.


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