CBS keeps digging

CBS reports: “Questions linger over Bush memos.” If I read the report correctly, CBS continues to defend the authenticity of the forged 60 Minutes memos because one of the four memos fits the known chrononology of President Bush’s National Guard service:

In addition to talking to handwriting and document analysts, CBS News said Monday it relied on an analysis of the contents of the documents themselves to determine their authenticity. The new papers are in line with what is known about the president’s service assignments and dates, CBS said.
For instance, CBS said, the official record shows that Mr. Bush was suspended from flying on Aug. 1, 1972. That date matches the one on a memo given to CBS News, ordering that Mr. Bush be suspended.

CBS is inverting the OJ defense: If the document fits, you must acquit! Unlike OJ’s glove defense, however, CBS’s is a non sequitur.
Moreover, the August 18 “CYA” memo refers to pressure from “Staudt,” the brigadier general who had retired the year before. I guess the new papers are “in line with what is known about the president’s service assignments and dates,” except when they’re not, and that’s good enough for CBS. Will somebody please get Dan some jammies?
UPDATE: Logicus blogicus itemizes the elements of the linked CBS story that belie the 60 Minutes report: “CBS article undermines prior assumptions.” At Wizbang Kevin Aylward covers Hurricane Dan’s on-air apologia earlier this evening in “Rather defends on CBS News (again)” and RatherBiased includes coverage with a transcript. See also Charles Johnson’s “Typewriter repairman promoted.”


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