Our Spanish Friends

Reader Franco Aleman, the Barcepundit, sends along this disgusting–not a strong enough word–advertisement from the Madrid newspaper El Pais:

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The ad copy says: “You can do a lot in one single day.” And then, I think it says–my Spanish is very rusty–“Imagine what you could accomplish in three months.” The “lot” you can do in a single day is, apparently, destroying the World Trade Center. Although, of course, you won’t do much thereafter if you’re a suicide bomber.
I trust someone in the administration is taking names. John Kerry, of course, would consult earnestly with these people before taking any steps to defend us from attack.
UPDATE: A reader says it means “three months of free news.” “Rusty” was an understatement. But that doesn’t affect the point that the ad is beyond tasteless.
FURTHER UPDATE: A number of readers have written to say that the translation should be “a lot can happen in a day,” not “you can do a lot in a day.” A couple have also agreed with the original translation. The revised version strikes me as more plausible, which would make the ad tasteless but not an apparent endorsement of terrorism.


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